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Data Quality

“Data quality issues lead to 87% of projects requiring extra time to reconcile data” – TDWI

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Better data quality equals better decisions

Data quality is particularly important for business, especially as Industry enters the new-age of BigData,in providing the foundation for on-demand business reporting and analytics. Better data quality equals better decisions. Data Engineering provides a range of Data Quality solutions, catering to businesses of all sizes, for all industries and to suit any budget. Our Data Quality solutions will not only improve your overall data quality but will also significantly reduce waste in the form of data re-handling. In a 2016 data preparation research study by TDWI, 60% of respondents from a diverse range of business roles noted that 41% of their time was spent on data preparation related duties. That’s nearly half the time spent by your professional workforce tied up preparing data. This average value goes up to 80% for data analysis intensive roles. The cost saving benefits in addressing Data Quality issues are significant to say the least.

If you’re merging data sets in spreadsheets for analytic or reporting purposes then you most certainly have Data Quality issues

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Data Quality is the essential first step towards a predictable future

A quick tell-tale sign that Data Quality is lacking in your business is how reliant your existing processes are on data preparatory activities (data cleansing and transformation) prior to producing the required information for reporting or analytic purposes. If you’re merging datasets in spreadsheets to produce analytical insights, then you most certainly have Data Quality issues. Issues that are impacting the quality of your decision making whilst producing significant waste through the unnecessary re-handling of data to produce information. Data Engineering delivers step-change productivity and efficiency improvements for Data Quality in the areas of Data Preparation, Data Quality assessments and Data Governance programs.

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Data Quality solutions

Data Preparation activities are significantly impacting productivity across the professional workforce today

Data Preparation

Data Preparation is an easy opportunity to reduce cost

Data Preparation involves all activities required to combine, cleanse and transform data into a single data set, usually for business reporting or analysis purposes. Our Data Preparation services are a great solution for those businesses that already know they have Data Quality issues and are either working on longer term improvements or happy to continue mitigating data quality issues through the outsourcing of Data Preparation services. Data Engineering provides cost-effective Data Preparation services that reduce data re-handling waste whilst producing reliably clean datasets for any reporting or analysis requirement. Speak to one of our Sales Consultants today to see our value-range of Data Preparation service packs.

Data Engineering provides a range of objective Data Quality assessments that highlight the risks of inaccurate decisions to your business

Data Quality assessments

Data Quality assessments create immediate insight

Our exceptionally-valued Data Quality assessments are great way for business leaders to gain immediate insight into their overall data quality, knowledge of what their key data quality problems are and how to address them. For those businesses that appreciate the value of Data Quality and wish to resolve all their Data Quality issues, Data Engineering also provides Strategic Data Quality assessments that verify and validate chronic data quality-related problems and provide a comprehensive set of solutions to address these problems. We can even work with your IT department to resolve these problems for you.

Data Engineering offers a structured governance program to support clients in building Data Governance capabilities

Data Governance

No Data Governance, no sustainable Data Management

For those businesses that have good Data Quality already but lack a scalable Data Quality management program, Data Engineering offers a Data Quality Management assessment. The Data Quality Management assessment identifies missing data governance framework components and recommends solutions to build these missing governance capabilities in order to build a sustainable data governance framework suited to your business. We also offer Data Governance programs, that involves one of our data stewards providing ongoing support to your staff as part of a structured program to deliver scalable data governance capabilities in as little as a few months.


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