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Workforce Empowerment

Data Engineering partners with operational management to take the guess work out of identifying and validating business ideas through our creative design thinking ideation sessions and rapid prototyping capabilities. Think of us as providing innovation as a service so you can focus on your day to day operation whilst having peace of mind that you’re efficiently identifying and delivering new value creation opportunities. You will also be investing in your culture of innovation. Our innovative consulting framework is a combination of proven design thinking, feature engineering and agile delivery frameworks rolled into one. This gives us the unique edge of delivering your innovations at speed and low cost.

Remove Hassle

An empowered workforce combined with seamless business system experiences equates to hassle free means of running your part of the business. Digital empowers you and your team with autonomy and ease of business systems use meaning less red tape and frustration of waiting on others and an organic increase in process compliance and data quality.

Rapid Business Improvement

At Data Engineering, we believe that an empowered workforce having access to seamless business system experiences will organically improve the attitude towards data quality and data fitness. Combine this with the ability to truly collaborate and share high quality data assets across the business and you create an environment for accelerated change, what we refer to as rapid business improvement. This system of accelerated change is a central part of what digital operations offers by enabling management to accelerate business improvement and build an innovative culture across the business.

Unlock innovation

Drawing upon existing ideas of the broader business and applying them as innovation in your own part of the business is the result of an empowered workforce being able to collaborate and explore data assets with ease. This is an easy measurement opportunity of an innovative culture and how to tangibly demonstrate what innovation actually looks like to your knowledge workers, allowing them to form ideal habits that will eventually reflect as an innovative culture.

Seamless Experience

Data Engineering partners with operational management to tailor an operational reporting & web app solution to meet your specific needs. We call this type of solution the Seamless Operational Experience because that is exactly what you will get from this. Our team of analysts and developers collaborate directly with you and your operational team members to design a solution that meets the specific requirements for the different user groups. We help operational management understand the value of data assets and how they can get real value from these with their operational reporting and analytic requirements. Every one of our engagements include a prototyping approach to the problem or opportunity.

Improve Agility

This is where improved process compliance and data quality meet scale and collaboration, where digital allows knowledge workers to draw upon the wisdom of opportunities elsewhere in the business through ease of access to high quality, fit for purpose data assets. A collaborative and sharing mindset that avoids unnecessary rework is how businesses can become more agile with business improvement and begin to think innovatively.

Operational Advantage

Data Engineering partners with operational management to prototype digital infrastructure requirements using real client data. We collaborate with our technology alliances to build a testing environment that simulates some of the core competencies required by your future digital operation. Our team of digital specialists are highly skilled in data integration, advanced analytics, process mining, big data and robotic process automation that improve employee productivity and increase operational agility. We can also offer consulting services around digital workforce requirements and can provide these resources whilst your operation builds its digital capability.

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