• Ep01: Bridging the gap between IT & Operations 2018-12-12 15:30

    In this talk you will learn about the importance of bridging the gap between IT and Operations departments to build predictability within operations, accelerate business improvement and unlock innovation potential.

    You will also learn about how others are doing so from the Mining, Education and Healthcare industries and some common ...

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  • Why every manager within operations needs Operational Intelligence 2018-07-19 10:00

    Join us at our live webinar over your lunch break as we explore how technologies such as operational data marts and robotic process automation (RPA) can be applied to business improvement.

    Operational data marts provide significant value for operational teams by heavily reducing data preparation requirements for knowledge workers, increasing ...

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  • Using RPA technology to fast track business growth 2018-06-07 16:30

    Join our live webinar where we will explore the technology of robotic process automation (RPA) and how it can be applied to generate business growth for small and medium sized businesses.

    Automating tasks is a huge competitive advantage for businesses of all sizes, leading to increased productivity and quality of ...

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  • How to use dashboards to fast track business growth 2018-05-30 16:00

    The Data Engineering series continues with our latest insights for small-medium business owners and managers on how dashboards can be used to increase sales and improve operational efficiency.

    In this session you will learn how dashboards can be used to make tactial decisions so you can convert more sales opportunities ...

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