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  • How corona virus fears will accelerate digital transformation Mar 17, 2020

    As governments around the world issue rules and guidelines on how to contain the spread of the coronavirus, the economic impact is mounting and experts are warning that the virus presents the biggest danger to the global economy since the 2008 financial crisis. There is no question the coronavirus is ...

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  • Implementing process automation solutions for small to medium businesses Nov 24, 2019

    Many consulting and software vendors target process automation solutions to large enterprises with a significant number of employees, leaving smaller firms out of the picture. However, our market research has shown that small businesses can significantly benefit from process automation solutions by addressing some of the challenges listed below;


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  • How digital operation can refocus people on empathy Jul 01, 2019


    Advancement in digital and automation technology means that the world has become more interconnected and transparent in ways that we never imagined, giving businesses the opportunity to hit the 'rewind button' and re-imagine how they deliver customer value. Perhaps this time businesses can create an environment where their employees ...

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  • How Digital Operation can enable new ways of collaboration in business operation Jun 12, 2019


    For decades, experts have been advocating for business functions such as information technology (IT) and operations to work more closely together so that the delivery of customer value will require less human effort, less space and less time. In essence, they have been longing for better collaboration between these ...

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  • How Digital Operation can refocus managers on agility - the key to embracing constant change. May 21, 2019


    Today, advancement in digital and automation technology is driving an unprecedented pace of change in the world. Organizations continue to invest in these disruptive technologies to get ahead of the competition. They adapt their business models to meet ever-increasing customer expectations - redefining the way people and business systems interact ...

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