METS Robotics & Automation Expo

METS Ignited and Innovation Central Perth

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About the event

METS Ignited and Innovation Central Perth are inviting science, engineering and technical professionals, academics and students to visit the METS Robotics and Automation Expo.

The expo is a free, catered event featuring impressive trade displays from various companies within the METS robotics and automation industry. Some of Perth's leading METS companies will be showcasing their latest technology and promoting all things robotics and automation.

The expo is open to industry, academics, students and others interested in the world of robotics and automation.

Our Participation

Kelechi Anyaegbu, Founder & Principal Consultant at Data Engineering  introduced digital process automation and why growth-oriented businesses should leverage this type of technology to take advantage of growth opportunities and stay ahead of competition.

Data Engineering Pty Ltd also participated at the showcase.

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Date & Time

23 June 2021

12:00 pm 4:00 pm Australia/Perth

Innovation Central Perth

Level 2, Building 216, Curtin University
Bentley WA 6102
--Innovation Central Perth--
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METS Ignited & Innovation Central Perth

--METS Ignited & Innovation Central Perth--

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