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We are pleased to be featured in press release articles highlighting the value of our services, especially during this period of uncertainty where operational flexibility and agility  is required to survive constant change

Nividous Partners with Data Engineering to Expand its Global Reach

By Nividous, 11th May 2021: 

Nividous and Data Engineering Pty Ltd, a digital operations consulting firm are pleased to announce their new partnership. Through its innovative consulting framework, technology partnerships, and digital staffing solution, Data Engineering helps growth-oriented businesses to streamline their operations using affordable next-generation software, automation, and analytics technologies, and by doing so empowering them to quickly respond to evolving business needs  […]

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New Digital Bridge For Growth-Oriented Businesses

By International Business Times, 27th May 2021: 

We live in an entrepreneurial world that is highly automated and in an era where technology has become oxygen for business to thrive. People often embrace the power of technology in their day to day lives, considering it a 'necessity.' Yet, in some businesses, they still stick with conventional methods which might keep them engaged in mundane and monotonous work processes for hours. Well, the solution is digital operations where Kelechi Anyaegbu believes that 'productivity through innovation' is the future of businesses […]

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