BrightTALK webinar: Building a new technological bridge for a post pandemic business

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Thought leadership style webinar presented at the comprehensive cloud strategies for 2021 (APAC Edition), organised by BrightTALK.

The business environment post-pandemic will be one where the new normal is constant change. Successful cloud adoption will be your foundation for a new bridge that will connect you to new markets and one that is flexible enough to adapt to constant changes in the regulatory and business environment. Businesses are now shifting from their on-prem and private cloud solutions to public clouds, hybrid cloud configurations, and multi-cloud solutions. For many, this means transitioning into unknown territory. They quickly recognize it is essential to bring in experts who can provide cloud-based software development services and solutions.

Join this interactive webinar if you are interested in understanding how you can start building a digital operation - your new technological bridge for a post pandemic business environment where operational flexibility, agility and innovation is needed to remain competitive and avoid disruption.

Key Takeaways from this session will be:

  • Understand what the new bridge for post pandemic business environment means.

  • Understand how you can start building a foundation, span and support of a new bridge required for a flexible and adaptable business.

  • Understand some of the changes in the business environment that is driving business owners and managers to rethink their digital operations strategy.

  • Hear some success stories on customers who are currently in their journey towards a digital operation.

"As a business owner or manager, you should not sit and wait until the pandemic is over to implement next generation software and automation solutions that will help you fulfill high order demands. Now is the time to start building your technology bridge that will ensure that you can take advantage of growth opportunities that exist today whilst also ensuring that you remain competitive in your industry".

Date & Time

November 4, 2020

1:00 PM 1:45 PM Australia/Perth

Data Engineering Pty Ltd

+61 8 6557 8953

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