Building your new technology bridge for a post pandemic business environment

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Today policymakers and industry leaders are still dealing with the economic effects of the corona virus pandemic. Business owners are finding it very difficult to plan into the future given the uncertainty that we are all facing. Some businesses have decided to cut down costs by letting go of their employees, some are taking advantage of government grants to stay afloat, whilst others are taking advantage of this period to build a technological bridge for flexibility, agility, and innovation in the post-pandemic business environment.

Why Attend?

Join this interactive webinar to get an idea on how you can start building your digital operation - your technology bridge for a post pandemic business environment where operational flexibility, agility and innovation is needed to remain competitive and avoid disruption.

Do not wait until the last minute to implement software and automation solutions that will help you fulfill high order demands, especially as we approach the holiday season. Now is the time to really think about taking appropriate steps to help your business scale.

Participant's in this event will;

  • Discover what digital operations is and why it is considered a new bridge for post pandemic business environment.
  • Understand some of the changes in the business environment that is driving business owners and managers to rethink their operations strategy.
  •  Hear some success stories on customers who are currently in their journey towards a digital operation.

About Presenters

Kelechi Anyaegbu
Founder/Principal Consultant
Data Engineering 

An entrepreneur, strategic thinker and systems innovator, who has strong knowledge in the area  of supply chain management and digital transformation, building strong networks in engineering, business and IT industry. He is now focused on bridging the gap between technology and business, with the aim of helping business owners and managers leverage software and automation solutions required for operational agility.

Jacqueline Mercurio
Business Development Rep

 Business Development Representative for B2BGateway’s APAC region, Jacqueline Mercurio, will help educate you on EDI & API connectivity and how B2BGateway’s solution can benefit your business. Eliminate manual data entry errors, streamline your supply chain and quicken your order to cash cycle by using B2BGateway’s EDI & API connectivity solutions to connect to your trading partners or 3PL’s.

Chris Hodgson 
Business Development Manager

An Automation and RPA enthusiast, and Business Development Manager working with HelpSystems, an international IT Workload Automation and Cyber Security Software Vendor, Chris is interested in connecting, networking and engaging with APAC's IT Business community to discuss how HelpSystems range of IT solutions can help resolve many of the common IT resourcing issues facing today's modern Enterprises.

"The amount of time you spend on finding new customers for your business will determine how fast you grow and the speed at which your business grows will determine the technology or tools you need to use. So register above for this webinar to learn more".

Date & Time

October 20, 2020

11:00 AM 11:45 AM Australia/Perth

Data Engineering Pty Ltd

+61 8 6557 8953

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