Digital Staffing & Upskilling

Digital transformation is about people, with success measured upon how well business leaders can set employees up to adopt constant technological change. It is no surprise that data is now a central part of most roles in business today, with more and more emphasis on employees being able to access and analyse data themselves and develop their own insights.


Upskilling employees around how to manage data and new technology with aim to deliver rapid business improvement is how Data Engineering supports operational management build digital capability within their teams. We also supply specialist data resources including data engineers, RPA developers, data scientists and data analysts to support existing teams develop their own data and digital solutions.



On a larger scale, today’s leading businesses are building digital teams to support existing operations build the next opportunity of business intelligence centred around business operations. These new Centres’ of Excellence (CoE) are helping businesses deliver digital and data-centric projects in-house. As part of their involvement with these digital CoE teams, operational employees are now being exposed to a traditional software development agile approach for managing projects which is complimenting how businesses deliver innovation and provides a new way to approach business improvement.


Data Engineering can help upskill your employees with what they need to know around self-service analytics and new technology and can scope and supply specialist data resources for your in-house digital projects.

Rapid Prototyping Solution


Data Engineering was born from the idea of giving operational management the capability to deliver faster, tangible and scalable business improvement that actually sticks. With poor transparency of data and generic information systems being the original driver, and still in many cases the ‘low hanging fruit opportunity’ for management today, our mission will always be to leverage technology that delivers ‘best of breed’ business improvement for operational management.


Drawing from our technology alliance and background in data analytics, data engineering, process automation, and software application development, we can rapidly prototype digital initiatives and validate underlying assumptions with minimum fuss. If you’re looking to move from a reactive to a proactive operational environment, partnering with us will help you uncover opportunity and deliver rapid business improvement as a proactive step towards predictable operations. It is our mission to deliver this to you without the hassle.


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Our Rapid Business Improvement framework will take you on the journey from ideation and selection of business improvement opportunities, through prototyping and delivery of digital initiatives. We can help you at any point in this journey.

Digital Operations Advisory

Depending on who you talk to, Digital means different things to different people. With a lot of focus of digital being marketing-centric, it is easy to think of digital as only websites or social media. Digital actually goes beyond marketing and touches all corners of business. We specialise in digital for business operations, so if you’re a business owner or operational manager looking to better understand how digital and data can help you deliver better productivity and efficiency, you’re in the right place.


Our advisory services range from helping you understand where digital opportunities are in your line of business, what digital skills are required of your teams and how to acquire these, how digital enables you to deliver rapid business improvement at scale, how robotic process automation, machine learning and artificial Intelligence fits into digital plus much more.



We understand how difficult business improvement is to implement sustainably and pride ourselves on helping operational management understand exactly where digital can help deliver the next lot of productivity and efficiency improvements initiatives. We can help you at any point of this journey.

Custom Application Development

Despite what sales may tell you, it is important to remember that no single software application will solve all your business problems when purchased off the shelf. This is because every business like every individual is unique in some way and as a result, the internal processes and systems will differ.


Software applications enable the management of complex processes and systems, especially when shared across multiple users. If you ever see someone in an organisation working out of MSExcel for a routine task, this is a symptom of a software application not providing the required functionality for that particular user.


Rather than thinking of custom software development being a requirement of product development only, businesses today are bridging shortfalls or gaps between their business processes and existing software applications with custom application development. Instead, think of an intuitive and friendly to use ‘front-end’ interface that matches your unique business processes and systems and whilst storing all the data captured in a structured ‘back-end’ database.


Custom application development provides two main opportunities for businesses - the ability to match the unique processes of a business and the consistent entry of data into a structured database for future analyses.


At Data engineering we utilize emerging technologies such as real-time data analytics and robotic process automation to develop an intelligent application that can scale to meet your current and future requirements.


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