We empower growth-oriented businesses to discover, streamline and automate their business processes with speed, allowing them to take advantage of growth opportunities  

New Digital Bridge Seminar: Optimising working capital through digital process automation

Helping you bring flexibility and agility to your business with our core services

Successful digital operation is the degree to which managers and employees are empowered to embrace constant change in the business environment as an opportunity for growth and innovation, so let's help you bring flexibility and agility to your business with our core services 

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Digital Operation |  your new technology bridge for a flexible and adaptable business

Streamline - Solid foundation and flexible foundation that will integrate and streamline your internal business processes using modular ERP and custom software solutions, and one that will connect you to external opportunities via an EDI and API gateway hosted in the cloud computing environment. 

Discover - Sub-structure that will allow you to discover business improvement or growth opportunities with ease. With the right process mapping, dashboard, and analytics solution, you can improve your decision-making agility by monitoring your operations in real-time.

Automate - Superstructure required to deliver step-change productivity in your business by increasing the speed at which you deliver services to your customers through the automation of rule-based and repetitive tasks that your employees will normally carry out on their computers as white-collar workers.

Accelerated Innovation Process

Empathetic Ideation

Our process begins with complementary ideation where we provide a guided framework for our digital innovation team and other industry experts to collaborate with you to understand your business scaling goals, key challenges, and initiatives and explore possible solutions together

Rapid Prototyping

 With your approval, we can then thoroughly and rapidly map and analyse your target business processes and systems, and develop a custom demo or proof of concept (POC) that will guide the discussion on where and how our solutions will integrate into your business process

Accelerated Planning

We connect you with our network of technology experts and collaborate with you to take advantage of their skills and expertise to come up with an affordable implementation plan and ensure that you have the support and funding you may need to make your project a success.

Accelerated Delivery

We collaborate with your team, our technology, and system integration partners to help you implement any solution that is included in your implementation plan, and manage the implementation for you from start to finish, ensuring that the solution is delivered within a short period.

Our Pricing

Digital Operation Advisory

  From  $750 

  • Empathetic Ideation Session
  • Return on investment Analysis
  • Executive Summary Report

Custom App Development

Flexible Pricing  

  • Mobile Commerce (IOS & Android)
  • Cloud-based ERP implementation
  • API, EDI and Blockchain Integration

Digital Process Automation

Flexible Pricing 

  • Working Capital Optimisation
  • Behavioral or Predictive Analytics 
  • Warehouse Optimisation

 We offer flexible payment options through our partnership with

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