Empathetic ideation  

A good way to begin your digital operations journey is to start with an ideation workshop. This workshop will give your team the space to consider the business pain points you most want to resolve. The workshop exercises are specifically designed to elicit creative solutions from your team.

We are currently offering a free consultation to empower business owners and managers to begin their journey with us. 

Our core services provide a framework for today's digital transformation initiatives for growth-oriented businesses

Digital Process Automation

DPA is the new kid in town for process improvement. With the ability to automate complex processes, DPA is creating super-productive employees by giving them the ability to create their own workforce of software robots. Tedious non-value-adding tasks can now be automated and free up the time of knowledge workers to focus on the next value-adding opportunities. This software can be used in simple automation on a single user’s desktop or to build a vast digital workforce that spans an entire business.

Advanced Data Analytics

We partner with operational management to take away the pain of joining data sources and creating stunning visualisations. Our team of analysts, data scientists, and developers collaborate directly with you and your operational team members to design a solution that meets the specific requirements of the different user groups. Every one of our engagements includes a prototyping approach to the problem or opportunity, to ensure that we remain adaptable to change in requirements

Custom Software Development

Businesses today are bridging shortfalls or gaps between their business processes and existing software applications with custom application development. We have all your web apps and cloud-based ERP implementation covered helping you to achieve a seamless experience when completing your daily tasks. We leverage automation, cloud, and blockchain technologies to develop innovative and scalable software solutions required to manage complex business processes.

Digital Operations Advisory

Our digital advisory services are perfect for management to help assess how digital can help them reach their aspirations. We're here to help you overcome internal challenges of business case justifications through leveraging our partnerships and experience across the diverse technology landscape to provide comprehensive options analysis, solution architecture, accurate cost estimates, and ROI calculations to support procurement processes for project work.

Implement a flexible foundation for your business 

Let's help you begin your digital operations journey with a modular and flexible software solution from our technology partner Odoo: An all-in-one business management platform that will integrate and streamline your business processes. We can work closely with you to implement a custom solution with Odoo that will meet your explicit and implicit needs.


Implement a super structure for your business

Let's help you begin your digital operations journey with a modular and flexible software solution from our technology partner Nividous: A Digital process automation (DPA) or Hyperautomation platform that combines three advanced technologies RPA, BPM and AI to help businesses improve accuracy, increase productivity, ensure compliance and respond faster to changes in the market demand for your product or service. 

We can work closely with you to implement a custom solution powered by the Nividous Platform that will meet your explicit and implicit needs.

  Are Our Services Right For You?

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Operations Management

We specialise in data and software services for business operations and partner with you to provide these capabilities. Whether you’re stressed from lack of transparent or tailored software solution, need an on-demand dashboard or want to prototype a digital initiative before investing signficant resources, we are here to help you exceed your operational targets. We exist to bridge the gap between IT and Operations.

Business Consultants

Data is the new oil and we specialise in processing this new commodity. We can help improve your service offering by rapidly identifying new improvement opportunities and further mitigating business risk around investment decisions. Our digital prototyping services for customers are an off-the-shelf solution to deliver improvement and innovation.  We can also assist in the planning and delivery of software and automation projects.

SMB owners & Managers

For small to medium-size businesses (SMB) our data and software services extend beyond tailored solutions around business operations to marketing, sales, accounting, and other key business functions. We understand your need for consistent sales and the need to streamline your business. We have accelerated solutions to get your applications ‘talking with each other and automating your tasks. This means you get time back to focus on growing your business.